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I Am Lulu


This is Roxy, not Lulu, as we don’t have a picture of Lulu yet. All Staffys are sweet little characters deserving of love.

Lulu’s story was told to me by her adoring mum, Shirley.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful story.

One dark and stormy night with lots of rumbling noises and bright streaks of light in the sky I was at home alone and I was so frightened that I jumped the fence and ran as fast as I could to try to find my people.

I ran onto a big road with lots and lots of cars coming so fast and the road was slippery.  I didn’t know where I was and I was crying for my people and someone to help me and look after me and take me somewhere warm and dry and safe.

And then something big hit me and I slid over the road and I felt a big pain in my back leg and I couldn’t run on it anymore because it was bleeding and it wouldn’t hold me up.  I lay for a while in the wet grass on the side of the road and I cried with pain and fear but no-one stopped to help me.  I dragged myself along and found a big bin near a tree and I pushed myself until I was under it.

I don’t know how long I was there but it was so cold and scary and my leg hurt so much.  After a long time a car drove past and then slowed down and then came back.  A man with a kind voice looked under the bin, saw me and called me to come out.  I was frightened and didn’t  know him and my leg hurt too much to move, but I knew he seemed kind and so I thumped my tail to say “Thank you for being kind”.

His wife had a kind voice as well and soon they pushed a piece of cardboard under me and pulled me on it till it moved me out and they patted me and told me I would be alright.  They put me in a box from the skip I was under and placed me gently in the back seat of their car.

We went on a long drive until we came to a place called the RSPCA where they took me inside and another man touched me and looked at me and I heard him say “She is an American Staffy, only about one and a half years old I would say, but I will have to put her down”.  I didn’t know what that meant, but the lady and man who helped me seemed very upset and cross and said “No, no, you cannot do that.  She is a beautiful little dog”.  The other man said he could not repair my leg because it was too hurt and if he amputated it (I did not know what that was) he would not be able to find a home for me as no-one would want a dog with only three legs.  Then he said to the people “Unless you would be prepared to give her a home?”.

The kind people said they would give me a home and so I had a big sleep and when I woke up my back leg wasn’t there anymore. It hurt a lot even though it wasn’t there, and my tummy hurt as well, because the doctor said he had desexed me as well.  I had some little puppies at my other house but the doctor said I was too young to have had puppies at my age.  I heard him say he had put a microchip in my neck as well but I didn’t know what that was for.  The people at the hospital called me Twiggy.

After a long time in hospital when I had to learn to stand up again on my 3 legs, the kind people came back and took me home with them.  They gave me a new name, Lulu. They had another brown dog and I thought it would be fun to run and play with him.  But he didn’t seem to want to play much, and after I had been there for a while I heard the man and lady saying that he was too old and I was too young and they would have to find another home for me.

I was very sad as I didn’t want to have to go away another time.  They left me with an old lady whom they called Aunt, in another house and said I would only be there till they could find another home for me.  The old lady was frightened that I would make her fall over inside as I love to run and jump so I had to stay on the back verandah in my bed all day.  She tied me to a post with a long piece of rope but I was lonely and cold at night, and I had no-one to talk to me.

One early morning when it was still a little bit dark I heard some voices coming down the street. One voice was a lady’s and the other was a man’s.  I thought they sounded nice so I pulled hard on my collar and it came off my neck and I ran out as they walked past.  The Aunt’s house didn’t have any gates so I could run straight out to them.  The lady said “Hello beautiful, where did you come from”, because they didn’t see me come out of the gate from behind them. I rolled on my back to see if she would tickle my tummy and she did, and then said “Oh you dear little thing, you only have three legs”.  She leaned down and cuddled me and looked around to see if she could see anyone who might own me or where I may have lived.  I heard her say to the man “We can’t leave her here alone – we must take her home and try to find her owner”.  The lady stayed with me on the footpath and cuddled me while the man went back to their house and got the car.  They took me home with them and I really liked their house straight away.  I was allowed to stay inside in the warm and the lady gave me chicken and smoked salmon and ham to eat as she said she had to make the sandwiches and lunch for some of their friends who were coming the see something on the TV which she called the Melbourne Cup.  I was allowed in their lounge room and dining room where the lady was putting the food and after a little while the lady took me up to a place called a Veterinary Surgery. The people there found the chip in my neck and gave the lady the name and phone number of the people who had rescued me and adopted me.

My new lady was told my story by my other owner and that I had been left with her Aunt who was now looking after me till a new home was found or I was sent back to the RSPCA. Soon my new lady was talking to Aunt, and heard how I had been missing when she got up that morning and found my collar lying in my bed.

She asked if I could stay a while longer because she had to go to the doctor and I was very glad to stay as the lovely food was still being fed to me and I was being treated like a little princess. Some of the kind peoples’ visitors started to arrive and everyone made a great fuss of me and they were having some bubbly stuff to drink and were laughing a lot.  I thought I would really like to live here but will they want me, or will I have to go somewhere else?

I heard some of the people say that they would not have a bet on the horses – they would put their money on Lulu ending up living with the Fosters.  That made me very happy but I heard the lady say that they were not planning on any more pets because they were going to retire soon and wanted to do some travelling.

Later on the Aunt and another lady came to collect me and I was sad because I thought my kind new people didn’t like me.  I sat in the back of the car and looked longingly at them and I saw them look back at me.  Then I heard the man say to the Aunt “Don’t take her back to the RSPCA – if you can’t find a good home for her, here is our phone number – give us a ring”.

I went back to the veranda again but I often saw the kind lady drive past and look in at me.  I thought each time she was coming to get me but each time she drove past. One day the Aunt became ill and had to go to hospital.  Another man took me to his house (the man called the Aunt “Mum”) and I stayed with him for a while.  He used to go running and took me with him but sometimes my back leg got tired and I wanted to sit down and have a rest.

Then he couldn’t keep me because he went away for work and so I was taken to the Aunt’s daughter’s house which only had a really small courtyard for me to stay, and I wasn’t allowed to go inside.  I was very scared again because I didn’t know where I was and I didn’t know who would love me and keep me.  I wished so much I could go back to the house where I had the lovely food and the kind people.  But I couldn’t talk and tell them how much I wanted to go back there.

Thanks heavens! This new lady remembered the man giving her his phone number and she rang it and when he answered she said “You know when you said not to send Lulu back to the RSCPA but to give you a ring? Well, were you serious”?

Wow, in half an hour I was sitting in the car of my new Mum and Dad travelling down to their beach house for the weekend.  Oh, happy, happy day!!  I kissed and loved and hugged them so much and they said I would always be their little girl and would be safe and loved and cherished for the rest of my life.

They had to officially adopt me at the Council because sometimes people steal dogs like me.  Mum said she could have adopted African twins with less paperwork than she had to fill out to adopt me!  But then I was officially theirs, and I know I will never be lonely or sad again.

I have a beautiful life now, my parents have retired and I am with them every day and have even wheedled my way into their bed at night, although my own lovely warm bed is beside theirs.  I just love to snuggle into them and know I will never be cold, or hurt or frightened again.  My mummy always tells me how special I am and how my guardian angel brought them to me on that morning a year and a half ago.

My dad loves to play with me on the lawn throwing the ball and running and tumbling and I have a great little friend next door called Timothy.  He is a little Australian Terrier and we have lots of games together except that mum says I am a bit rough because he is much smaller than I am.

We have moved down to the beach to live now and I love to run in the sand and sit in the water and chase the seagulls.  I can run and jump so well now and mum and dad always let me rest for a while if I get tired.  I can run up and down the stairs in our house which is lots of fun.

I love to lie on mum’s lap and kiss her face and let her know how much I love her.  She kisses me back and says I am their little treasure and after all that has happened to me in my short life, I know I am surely in doggy heaven.

I just wish that every little homeless dog or cat or any other animal can find a happy home to live in like I have, so that they too can live happily ever after.

Love from Lulu  XXX



Author: Fabulous Fur Friends

My name is Kylie and I am passionate about animals and their welfare. My husband and I live in Bendigo, Australia and live with our three dogs - Rupie, Billie and Chelsea - all rescue dogs. I enjoy writing and aim to share health and welfare issues and updates as well as some short stories.

4 thoughts on “I Am Lulu

  1. What a lovely story but so sad as well. Im so glad Lulu got her furrever home, she definately deserved it!

  2. Oh, the tears! What a sad, but great story. One of ours is adopted and I often wonder what happened to him before we got him. And when I feel sad about it, I just give him extra treats! Hahah. So happy that she found her forever home and that she is getting the love that she deserves.

  3. A wonderful happy ending for Lulu, so glad that she found a forever home where she has someone to cuddle and talk to.

  4. Thanks all – Shirley has written such a lovely story about Lulu and has given her a beautiful life xx

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