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A New Beginning


Sunday arrived, and it wasn’t too gloomy.  I busied myself around the house making preparations for the imminent arrival of New Girl, at the same time burning off some nervous energy.

April went for her customary short walk, after which she usually settles down in her bean bag.  This morning was different though.  She could feel something in the air.  She paced about and followed me everywhere, sometimes whining at the door.

Rupie was at the cafe with Mike while he had a Sunday morning coffee.

Amongst the soap suds of  washing last night’s pots and pans, I realised there was a slight knock at the door – April didn’t even bark, just whined a bit more loudly.

New Girl was here!

I met her at the car with Martina – she was skittish and nervous but a handsome looking girl. She was petite but muscular and although her coat is woolly from living outdoors, I could see that she will be beautiful.  She has piercing brown eyes, full of life and expectation.

We walked her along our street where we met Rupie and Mike coming back from the cafe.  New Girl and Rupie said their hellos in the usual doggy way – a good sniff and a lick of their bits we’d rather not mention! Once those formalities were over, they walked along side each other, sniffing at trees and posts like old mates.

The next challenge was being  introduced to April, who gets very overexcited on meeting new doggy friends.  We walked them together on the nature strip where April pulled and strained and tested Mike’s strength.  After a while we let her get a bit closer and she tried to take a nip of her rump –  muzzles were firmly in place though so no damage was done.  A bit further along a sniff and another attempted nip but with no malice intended.  On we continued and eventually we let them do their normal doggy greeting – a bit of a sniff and lick of parts and that was that – best girlfriends from then on!!

Over the next few hours they got to know each other and both Rupie and April tried to play with her.  Although she’s only 2 years old, she has only ever had contact with other dogs through the fencing of their pens so she doesn’t know how to play.  It won’t take much encouragement though.

April has been very chilled out with her, and Rupie has been very excited now that he realises he’s got two girlfriends!  He’s been barking and running around like the clown he is, but we have to supervise them closely, as Rupie tends to get a bit too full on with his play.

New Girl eventually ate some food – apparently she only used to get fed every couple of days so is a bit thin and wormy.  Her coat is thick, dull and dirty so we gave her a very quick bath to get some of the dirt out.

She’s been de-flead, wormed, fed and brushed.

She is a little timid and anxious at the moment. She paced around the house and garden non-stop for about 3 hours, despite us offering her a soft bed in any number of rooms!  She’s not used to sleeping in comfort – just a concrete floor.   I saw her a few times catching a cat nap while on her feet.  She will be exhausted from today’s activities – everything she’s done and seen today is new.  Never been in a car, never been in a house, never seen a train or a tram, never had a bath and never seen us or April or Rupert.

But she is now resting quietly in the spare bedroom on a soft bed, while April cockroaches in her bean bag and Rupie’s snoring rumbles through the house.  Everyone is clearly exhausted from the excitement of having a new girl around.

She has already given me a couple of little doggy kisses as she passes by so I don’t think it will take long before New Girl becomes affectionate and comes out of her shell.  I think she’ll be quite a character, and extremely good looking too.

Today is the first chapter in New Girl’s life – she’s starting it off with us and with a new name …………

Handsome girl settling in with Rupie in the background

Yummy – finally got some decent food!

I didn’t mind too much having a bath – I know it will make me look much better!


Author: Fabulous Fur Friends

My name is Kylie and I am passionate about animals and their welfare. My husband and I live in Bendigo, Australia and live with our three dogs - Rupie, Billie and Chelsea - all rescue dogs. I enjoy writing and aim to share health and welfare issues and updates as well as some short stories.

7 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. Really nice to read this, she looks like a sweet dog and is really cute, I don’t think she’ll have any problem finding a decent home after her rehab/adaptation at yours.

  2. Oh I’m so glad the other doggies welcomes her Kylie and she’s such a beautiful colour. I can’t wait to hear what you have named her too 🙂

  3. Wow she is a beauty, so glad day one went well….how was night one?? Can’t wait to see her progress and a hear her name before very long. Well done Kylie and Mike, April and Rupie.

  4. Reblogged this on KAY'S GREYS and commented:
    Thanks Kylie and Mike for fostering this beautiful girl- she is doing really well so far and fingers crossed she will find her forever home very soon

  5. Well, night one is another story!! I’ll write that this evening! Yes, she is a handsome girl and very cuddly – loves her ears rubbed and her head stroked. Stay tuned for more….

  6. Wow she’s lovely enjoy your new friend she awsome

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