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My last post was pre-dinner last night and all was going well.

Unfortunately I didn’t take ‘feed them separately’ literally enough.  I put down Rupie’s food first and waited til he started, then gave April hers and waited until she started, then gave New Girl hers.  She paced around a bit while the others ate theirs.  Then she decided she’d eat.  By the time she needed a break from eating, the others had finished theirs and assumed she had too…..

Rupie went to check out her bowl and she came back and defended it.  There was a scuffle for a couple of seconds which stopped immediately with a growl from us, as we were watching closely.   No damage done, just sorting themselves out, or so we thought…

We busied ourselves with finishing our home cooked lasagne (Mike has a great recipe if you want it) while Rupie and April settled into their bean bags, and New Girl paced around before settling in the front room.

Then we noticed the splatter of blood on the carpet, on the table and on the glass of the pantry.  Oh my, where and who had this come from??  In a panic we checked all the dogs and found that Rupert was bleeding from a nick in his ear.  He didn’t seem bothered by it but we went into vet nurse mode and got disinfectant swipes from the car first aid kit.  We cleaned it and made sure he was ok.  I rang the emergency department and checked that he would be ok until the morning when we could get him to our vet for some antibiotics.

He went back to bed while we spent the rest of the evening on our hands and knees scrubbing the already stained carpet.  We Googled remedies and settled on water and carpet cleaner – with lots of elbow grease (and a bit of wine for stamina) it worked a treat, but now we have extra clean patches amongst the bits that really need a good clean!

Bed time came and New Girl settled into the front room on a mat.

We all settled for the evening, but two hours later she was up, tap tap tapping on the polished boards.  Like the parent of a newborn, we woke and turned the light on.  Mike got up and let her out – she went straight through the doggy door and outside to the garden for a wee.   Everyone settled back to sleep, then two hours later it was my turn… same routine, but at least she let us know when she needed to go out – she’s had flea tablets, worming tablets and new food so her tum tum is not quite working as it should.

We all got sleep until it was time for Mike to go to work.  It was still dark so I was keen to stay snuggled up.  New Girl came to me and gave me a little kiss then lay her head on the bed while I scratched behind her ears and stroked her silky head.  Then she settled down beside the bed and went to sleep.

Morning proper arrived (at a decent time) and we went into business mode.  All dogs fed, separately, and Rupie off to the vet of an antibiotic injection and some liver treats.  He gave the vet  his best ‘I’m sad’ look and got lots of attention.

I attempted a walk with New Girl on her own, but took for granted how new and scary everything is. She had a bit of a meltdown when she heard the kids at the child care centre and we had to march home quick smart.

When it was time for me to leave for work, I did the doggy shuffle – all dogs had toilet time, and then kept separate from each other,  with New Girl having access to outside via the doggy door (didn’t take her long to master that!) in case her tum tum still gave her trouble.

As evening arrived and we all came back from work, they each had a walk, a play, some dinner (separately) and are now lying quietly together in the same room. New Girl’s  stopped pacing nervously, is sitting on a mat in the same room and is giving us gentle cuddles.  Miss April has taught her nicely how to be calm.  She and Rupie seem to have made up  and there is no malice lingering.  It’s just what they do to sort themselves out.

April and Rupert demonstrating how to be calm

She is settling in well, she is affectionate……

Resting quietly, learning how to be a pet

…… And her name is Billie.

PS. Apologies for the resolution of the photos – flash is not so flash!


Author: Fabulous Fur Friends

My name is Kylie and I am passionate about animals and their welfare. My husband and I live in Bendigo, Australia and live with our three dogs - Rupie, Billie and Chelsea - all rescue dogs. I enjoy writing and aim to share health and welfare issues and updates as well as some short stories.

14 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. It’s nice that the knows she has to go out to do her business.
    I would like the lasagna recipe 😉

  2. Hi Kylie, Im looking after Dino who came from the same trainer as Billie, he has had bad diarrhea also , and I empathize with the getting up in the night time to take her out for a toilet break senario! It seems to have calmed down since, but i put him on a bland food diet of rice and boiled chicken to settle his stomach.

    • Hi Penelope, thanks for your words of encouragement! Last night Billie was in a different part of the house so that she could access the doggy door and take herself out when needed – I didn’t hear much activity and she hasn’t been crying so progress is definitely happening. She ate all her dinner last night too – am just about to see if she’ll eat some breakfast but I know they weren’t fed very often so it will take awhile to get a routine for her.

  3. She’s lovely … reminds me of the first few days when we got our blue girl – she’d pace and pace and pace until she became tired.

  4. Hiya Kylie, Marcus didn’t eat breaky at all when I first got him, wouldn’t even go near it til he’d had his walk. Even then was blase about it. It took 5months til he really wanted it. Now Lucy is here he eats with much more gusto, as you’d expect! I am really impressed that she knows she needs to go out to wee etc. She’s obviously a fast learner. I love the name, Billie. Well chosen. 🙂

    • Thanks Sue. She seems to be getting used to the routine already – ate her dinner last night and some dry food this morning without hesitation (fed separately of course!). But she wasn’t interested in the doggy chocs last night – I’m sure she’ll come around to those very quickly!

  5. Welcome Billie. You is very cute and have landed on all four paws with these fabulous bloggy furfriends!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  6. Hi Kylie, love the name Billie and I’m happy she is doing so well with April and Rupi. Regarding the food situation (poor Rupi), if she stops eating I would take the food away. Don’t allow her to save it for later and defend it. When she stops eating, you take it away from her. She needs to learn that there is a time to eat and the time is when you serve the food. Same goes for treats. My grey Winnie saves her treats for later on her bed and when another dog goes near it she growls.

    • Thanks for the advice Martina – she has already figured it out – ate it all first go last night and again this morning! I feed April and Rupie and then feed her when I take them out for a walk. We’re getting a little routine established and she definitelycoming out of her shell. Still shy around Mike though, but comes to me for cuddles and gives me kisses on my forehead – lovely!

  7. Reblogged this on KAY'S GREYS and commented:
    Blue Girl, our latest rescue, has now been named Billie! Here is the latest update from her foster family:

  8. I hope she settles in quickly – it sounds as though she will.

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