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How Did The Chicken Lose Its Head?


It all started with the discovery that although we thought Billie was using our bedroom as her safe ‘cave’ she was also using our bed as a chewing post!

Must be quite tasty for a young greyhound!

So we went to the produce store and bought 3 toys for the 3 dogs so they could chew on those instead of the furniture (we have since also discovered some chew marks on our dining room table!).

This should keep 3 dogs happy for a while….

But within 10 minutes, the plush cushion had no squeaker or stuffing (that was all over the floor), and the Chicken Had No Head!  Or arms, or legs! The plush bone was rescued just in the nick of time.

Who could have done such a terrible thing to poor Chicken?

Was it sweet Aunty April?  Was it cheeky 2 year old, furniture-chewing greyhound Billie?  Or was it wily Uncle Rupert?

Ah Ha. Caught in the act Rupert!

How long do squeaky toys last in your house?


Author: Fabulous Fur Friends

My name is Kylie and I am passionate about animals and their welfare. My husband and I live in Bendigo, Australia and live with our three dogs - Rupie, Billie and Chelsea - all rescue dogs. I enjoy writing and aim to share health and welfare issues and updates as well as some short stories.

14 thoughts on “How Did The Chicken Lose Its Head?

  1. Hi there well in my house squeaky toys don’t last very long at all. We have one dog that must hate the noise and makes sure the the squeak id removed from the toy almost right away. no longer than i min it has been removed. we don’t buy toys with squeaks any more:(

    • Hi Kez, with all your dogs I’m not surprised that squeaky toys don’t last very long in your house! In our house it only takes one naughty staffy x to destroy everything and make sure no one else gets to play with the toys. It’s amazing how quickly he removes the squeaker and pulls out the stuffing. But even when I gave him a plastic chook with no squeaker and no stuffing that it was destroyed in no time! As Misaki says, it was the Evil Birds that made him do it!!

  2. He was framed by evil birds! They are out to get us!!!

  3. We have had the same 2 Kongs for 4 or 5 years, but M & T aren’t much for chewing.

  4. I have a lovely blue squeaky catus that I squeak and squeak. It has lasted Me for ages, which is unusual. Most of my toys get lost in the garden before I destroy them. Mummy made a video of Me and my toy but she can’t work out how to “up load it”, whatever that means.

  5. My apartment looks like a tornado hit it after Eko is through with a squeaky toy, so I only get them for him on special occasions – or out of the bargain bin.

  6. Yep Kongs are the only thing that survives in this house….oh or lacrosse balls that our neighbour nicely bought home for our dogs as they are old.

  7. Squeaky toys don’t last long, neither do tennis balls, soccer balls, plastic bottles, stuffed animals or cardboard rolls and boxes. If a toy lasts it is because Bundy has given up trying to destroy it, if it does pop or rip then it is boring 🙂

    PS: We even found chew marks under our coffee table when Bundy was a puppy.

  8. Good on you Rupie I say, they are “chew toys” afterall!
    Lucy is a gentle destroyer of fluffy squeakies, delicately removing all the stuffing thru just one hole. If I catch her in time I can stuff it all back in and sew it up and bingo, lasts another few days!

  9. Oh gosh Kylie, this is so funny! I just got up this morning and Murphy has chewed a toy up from Toby’s bedroom and there is white stuffing from one end of the loungeroom to the other! Every day something gets chewed to pieces by Mr Murph! I gave up on buying both Molly and Murphy toys as they both went nuts with anything squeaky and always got the squeaker bit out first. Must be a dog thing. But that poor chicken!

  10. Aww poor chicken!

    I got Nikki a new squeaky cuddly the other day and it lasted an hour, ears where bitten off and stuffing everywhere 😦 I have got her a huge rabbit toy today which makes lots of different noises depending on which bit is chewed…It looks a bit better quality so I am hoping it lasts a bit longer 😀 She hasn’t yet managed to destroy any of her rubber ones!

  11. That is destruction right there 😀 did make me giggle, can’t imagine it was very tasty but then I’ve never nibbled bed posts or squeaky toys 😛

  12. Squeaky toys have a very brief life span in our house as well. I have found one type that lasts better than others tho (for us anyways) which is a long flat plush animal, with no stuffing! We had one of a raccoon that lasted nearly a year. I have no idea what they are called tho, as the little cloth tag always gets nibbled off first. A lot of our furniture has chew marks or was totally destroyed as well, even a few expensive electronic devices too, up until we started buying Nylabones. Not the soft ones mind you, those ones come apart and scare me, but the super Super hard durable ones.

    In particular we get the ‘Nylabone Dura Chew in Souper size’. I Have about 10 of them around the house, and when they get start getting too small i just toss them out, and pick up another. I Have never seen small pieces or chunks come off of them, but you would still have to watch and see how your dogs do. I have heard that dogs with really strong jaws (pitt bulls, boxers etc…) still break them apart, and so they are not recommended. Here at my house there are no more chewed shoes, sofas, cables… nothing!

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