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The Power Is In Our Hands


Today we attended the Melbourne Oscar’s Law Puppy Factory Awareness Rally on the steps of Parliament House.  There were thousands of people and dogs in attendance, all giving their support for the cause and making it hard for politicians to ignore the voice of the people.

Simultaneous rallies were also held in Sydney and Adelaide.  The people of Australia are speaking out about this cruel and unacceptable ‘business’.  Close them down NOW!

On the steps of Melbourne’s Parliament House, the caring public voice their disgust that puppy factories are not closed down.

Trying to do my bit

A very supportive hubby – he is a strong advocate too

Beau was a tiny puppy saved from death by the team at Pet’s Haven. He was having a lip-smacking good time at the rally

Our friend Kris’s little fella Scamp enjoying his doggy day out

Although April couldn’t make it to the rally today, we know she was thinking about all the dogs who need saving, either from puppy factories, greyhound racing or those who have fallen on tough times and need a new forever home.

We know that everyone at the rally was aware of the terrible plight of the dogs imprisoned in puppy factories, but we felt that we had contributed in a small way when we got off a tram after the rally and a couple of young girls looked at our t-shirts and placard and asked “Who’s Oscar?”  We explained and they were very sad for the poor dogs.  Two more people are now a little wiser and we hope will  spread the word to their friends.

The Power Is In Our Hands.


Author: Fabulous Fur Friends

My name is Kylie and I am passionate about animals and their welfare. My husband and I live in Bendigo, Australia and live with our three dogs - Rupie, Billie and Chelsea - all rescue dogs. I enjoy writing and aim to share health and welfare issues and updates as well as some short stories.

3 thoughts on “The Power Is In Our Hands

  1. It is a great cause, I wish there were similar rallies in Queensland. I hope the politicians now realise that Australia is filled with caring, animal loving people and it is time that they started listening and acting to rid us of puppy farms.

  2. Puppy farming is so awful, I had not heard of oscars law, have just had a look at the site and read about it, so sad 😦
    Hopefully the politicians will listen.

  3. Thanks guys, Oscar’s Law is getting more exposure so hopefully the politicians won’t be able to ignore the cause for much longer.

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