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Chelsea Girl

Nearly two weeks ago, we decided it was time to foster another greyhound!  It is nearly 12 months since our beautiful old girl April went to the Rainbow Bridge and we felt it was time to help another dog in need of saving from the cruelty of the racing industry.

The rescue group we’re involved with – Amazing Greys – had 5 on the books needing a foster home.  So we asked if there was a female available (Rupie seems to like the girls best) and there was – a lovely fawn girl called – Crazy!

Oh dear.  Did her name reflect her personality?  We had agonized over the decision to bring another dog into the house – we have a lovely balance and friendship with Rupie and Billie.  Everything is calm and organised and routine.  What would a dog called Crazy do to that harmony?

We were assured her name wasn’t an indication of her personality (an ironic name, perhaps?) so we said we’d foster her, as long as we could change her name.  After all, what young lady wants to be called Crazy?  So we re-named her Chelsea.  Less than a week later, after picking her up from a road transport, she arrived!

She was quite anxious and excitable, but she’d had at least a 10 hour road trip in a small dog trailer so it was no wonder.

After initial introductions, all seemed well, although Chelsea was quite full on and in Billie and Rupie’s faces.  They gave her a few grumbles and she turned the other cheek, not retaliating, so that was a good sign.  She is very thin so we’re fattening her up with some good dry kibble and puppy food.

Very quickly she proved to be friendly and affectionate and she settled into home life very quickly.  She is a quirky girl who loves to ‘roach’ with her back legs up the wall.  She wiggles and wiggles and her tail never stops.  It’s like a whip though and poor little Rupie is just the wrong height and cops it in the face!

In the past two weeks, Chelsea has grown in confidence and is in fact very pushy for affection, and quite crazy at times!!  So, it appears her name was not ironic – she is the most enthusiastic greyhound I have ever met.  She can be hard work, and goes  CRAZY when she sees a cat on our walks, but she is funny and cuddly and loves to follow us around.  She’s very easy going with Billie and Rupie  and I think they’ve actually come to quite like her, even when she’s standing all over them!

We have foster failed in the past (ie. ending up adopting them) but we’ll have to think very hard about this young lady.  We love her and she’s wormed her way in, but it certainly has  changed the peace and quiet of our home!  Perhaps when she’s had more time to settle, there may be a suitable home for her with energetic children she can play with!

Here are some photos of the beautiful Chelsea and her new friends!  They belie everything I’ve said about her being full of beans – but she does also love to flop down and relax!




I have to admit that I’m not at all crafty, a little sneaky perhaps but not crafty.  Actually what I mean is that I prefer to buy things rather than make things!

As luck, or good judgement, has it, my hubby is very crafty – not at all sneaky – but very clever in making things.  A very handy person to have around, for many reasons.

This weekend’s good reason was that we needed a stand for our foster greyhound Billie’s food bowl.  Greyhounds are a bit like giraffes in that it’s awkward for them to eat from a bowl on the ground and it’s actually not good for them – it can cause bloat.

When we adopted April two years ago, hubby made a stand for her bowl from an old wire pot plant stand – perfect – it holds the bowl in place and is just the right height.

We have searched for a similar stand for Billie’s bowl but have not been able to find one.  So, with a little plagiarism from a greyhound facebook site, we scoured the local St Vinnies for an old chair and  for $20 found just the perfect thing.

We have recently built a very large garage in the back garden, so hubby has the perfect workspace to create very useful things.

What a greyt idea!

Amazing what a bar stool, a jigsaw, and an old bike tyre can be used for!

Perfect height for a greyhound

Nom noms!

If I was really crafty, I would strip it down, buff it up, paint it pretty colours and maybe even stencil Billie’s name on it.  But like I said, I’m not crafty!

What have you made that you’re proud of?


How Did The Chicken Lose Its Head?

It all started with the discovery that although we thought Billie was using our bedroom as her safe ‘cave’ she was also using our bed as a chewing post!

Must be quite tasty for a young greyhound!

So we went to the produce store and bought 3 toys for the 3 dogs so they could chew on those instead of the furniture (we have since also discovered some chew marks on our dining room table!).

This should keep 3 dogs happy for a while….

But within 10 minutes, the plush cushion had no squeaker or stuffing (that was all over the floor), and the Chicken Had No Head!  Or arms, or legs! The plush bone was rescued just in the nick of time.

Who could have done such a terrible thing to poor Chicken?

Was it sweet Aunty April?  Was it cheeky 2 year old, furniture-chewing greyhound Billie?  Or was it wily Uncle Rupert?

Ah Ha. Caught in the act Rupert!

How long do squeaky toys last in your house?


Toothless Terror

Ha Ha!  April looks very toothy and goofy and this picture always makes me smile .

There is a serious message in this photo though.  It’s about dental health.    When April, like many greyhounds, are young, they are fed mainly soft foods.  As they get older, their teeth deteriorate.  They get a build up of plaque and their teeth start to rot.  It’s interesting to note that dogs do not get cavities in their teeth, they rot from the gum and the teeth start to die.  This results in infection, discomfort, pain and ‘dragon’ breath – not nice for anyone!

We adopted April two years ago when she was 8 years old and had to have 8 of her little front teeth removed – hence the goofy look!  This week, she’s had to have her two incisors out.  She will be happier in the long run, but it’s awful to have to put her through the pain of an anaesthetic and extractions.

She was not a happy girl afterwards and it makes you feel so guilty about putting them through it – nasty mummy!  I think she’s forgiven me now that she’s getting special guilt food of  prime beef strips!  And I got a lovely, minty-fresh- breath kiss when I came home from work today!

To maintain good dental health, dogs should be given a  diet which contains mainly dry food, some uncooked bones of a size applicable to the size of the dog, dental stix or similar and if you’re game, some dental brushing.

If your dog can maintain good dental hygiene, you will save a lot of money on dental bills and you’ll have a happy and healthy doggy with a lovely canine smile!

Of course, always consult your vet if you have any concerns or need further advice.

Say ‘Cheese’ for the camera April!